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Thru seamless social engagement, Geoman aims to be the hub to honest engineering services & industrial equipments trade. We are better, stronger and more capable since our start up in 1983, as we integrate and upgrade ourselves continuously according to the ever changing technological advances. As we blend work ethic with education, our goal is to remain competitive yet provide high standards of engineering etiquette.

Our organization and people are trained along the needs of our fast-changing planet. Our position as a trading company in strategically located Singapore offers clients from countries all around the world easier communication & access to information & technical assistance when required.

At Geoman, we are committed to support the efficient use of resources in our own communities. We think “Green Transformation”. Our products, e.g. TOSHIBA’s inverter drives, are highly efficient on saving energy consumption, paving the way for our next generation’s greener future.


Geoman Electrical DNY .: In Brief

  • Honest & confident engineering services
  • Quality industrial equipments & products
  • Our heritage dates back to 1983 when Mr George CY Tan founded and later expanded our company from a simple trading firm to one that now serves companies not only in Singapore but world-wide, with reliable technical backup & support.

As a business we work hard to develop & maintain lasting relationships with our clients and our business has grown largely from repeat work.

Our philosophy is simple – be open, be sincere, be honest.

Our working ethos, experience and systems are ideal for ensuring the successful delivery of projects and programmes of work with clients of all sizes through both framework agreements and traditionally procured projects. 

Singapore's Leading Provider of Quality & Reliable Engineering Services